The Adventurers

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The College Station "See You Later"

Well, this past weekend Jason and I went to College Station to say our "See you laters" to the Anderson family. The two days were jam-packed with fun and adventure. Our first day we were joined by my brother, Cory, and his friend, Corie. It was fun to introduce them to the Anderson bunch. We started off our day on Jason's land in Cooks Point. We shot the Benelli. Jason and Cory Hruska did pretty awesome. Jason made almost every clay pigeon explode into pieces.  Unfortunately, I did not hit a single thing...ugh, not my greatest showing. Oh well! 

We then went to Uncle Tommy's land and went fishing and exploring. Cory and Corie did most of the fishing. We thought we were out of luck, until Cory (my bro) caught a huge bass. Way to go, Cory! We then explored "Dead Creek".  It was so much fun exploring. We had to be really careful not to fall in the creek's cracks...Cory almost did. It was so funny. Kind of a location situation... Here is Jason standing in front of the creek.
This next picture was taken right after Cory was hanging on for dear life, trying not to fall in the creek. ha funny!
We then went back to Jason's house and had a barbecue and swam. Cory and Corie left that evening, and we hung out and played Scrabble...who won?? Jason, of course. He is the king.   The next day was again full of fun. We started out on the golf course.  Jason, his dad, his brother, and I went. I finally learned how to swing and hit the ball straight...I am on my way to the LPGA.  :)  Ha!  We then went and shot the XDM 9mm...Jason is really wanting that gun right now...sigh. We shall see. We then went to see Jason's grandparents. Such sweet people. Man, goodbyes are no fun. As we left College Station that night, we left with tears in our eyes.  Change isn't always easy. We are pumped for our exciting adventure in South Carolina, but will miss being so near to our families.  We love you Andersons!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We be shootin'

We had so much fun on Saturday, June 18, with Kevin and Laura at the shooting range. It was our last hoorah with them for a while before we head off to Spartanburg.  Kevin and Jason have been friends FOR-E-VER. We love them to death and had a great time. We will miss them a ton.

So, anyways...Kevin has a civilian-issued military rifle.  He let us give its trigger a few pulls. It was great! It didn't kick that much (if you showed it who was boss) and I think both Jason and I would have killed the "bad guys" if you looked at our targets. I got a few in the "kill zone" and Jason got quite a few on the bulls eye. Quite the wannabe soldier.

After our rifle shooting, we were HUNGRY!  Where did we go? IHOP, of course. Thanks, Kevin and Laura, for a great time!