The Adventurers

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Latest Happenings

First off, I would like to say Happy 3rd Anniversary to us! We have made it three years, and it has been wonderful!  Now, I am ashamed to say that it has been almost 8 months since I have updated the blog...ugh. Bad, bad!  I guess I should catch up the latest happenings in the Anderson Adventures. 

Jason and I have really grown to love Spartanburg, South Carolina.  We have grown to love the weather, the lack of traffic, and the people! Jason is rockin' and rollin' in medical school. He is almost done with his first year. We can't believe it.  The time hasn't flown, but it hasn't dragged on either. It has been great, just a lot of work.  We are both glad the first year is almost done. Now we know what to expect for the next three least we think we do!    I finished my first year teaching in South Carolina. I had the best group of 5th graders. They were so fun to teach.  I will teach 5th grade again next year, so I hope things just keep on progressing.  Because Jason doesn't finish school until the end of June, I am teaching summer school for the first time ever... I am just teaching the month of June, though!

We have had some fun happenings between Halloween and now.  We went home for Christmas. It was a fabulous time to spend with our families. We came back and worked hard until our Spring Breaks. I went home to Texas, while Jason went to Honduras on a medical mission. I had a blast spending time with my family. Jason had the time of his life interacting with the people of Honduras. He was very popular with the people, because he was one of three people that spoke Spanish.  He was very popular with the kids, too.  Jason worked with all kinds of cases. He worked in two orphanages and a few hospitals and clinics.  The people were so grateful. When I picked Jason and a couple of friends at the airport, the stories and memories kept flowing from their mouths. What a cool experience!  Here are some pics of Jason in Honduras.

After Spring Break ended, work began again. Jason started his last block of his first year...the pulmonary and cardi block. He is loving the cardiology.  We had a great opportunity to work at the Spartanburg Regional Hospital Pedicatric and Neonatal ICU Reunion party.  We put balloons up and interacted with the children that survived the NICU adn PICU. They were so cute!

We also have been able to spend some time at some ball games. There are quite a few minor league baseball teams near us. We have visited the Hickory Crawdads and the Charlottle Knights. We won both time! I guess we are good luck charms. :) 

Once I ended my school year, I was able to have two weeks off before starting summer school. The first week I spent reading, working out, and laying by the pool...heaven! Then the second week, I was able to spen a few days with my mom and sister at DISNEY WORLD!! It was amazing! It was great to spend time with just us gals.  We rode tons of rides, saw fireworks every night, and went to Hogsmeade (aka Harry Potter World!!)!!!!  It was as if we left the real world and stepped into the Harry Potter movies. We drank Butter Beer and visited Olivanders where Devin got her wand!  It was really fun and amazing!

Now we are working hard during the month of June awaiting July 1st when we get to go home to Texas, oh, Texas!  ....awaiting the Andersons and the Hruskas and a cruise to Mexico!!