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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The making of some extreme hikers....ha!

On Monday we decided to explore the mountains that are so close to us! We drove down the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Graveyard Fields trail.  It was supposed to be about 3.5 miles and led to a waterfall. 

We started on our journey and came to a fork in the road...we went right.  We walked and walked and hiked and hiked.  We started out seeing people, then seeing no one.  After about an hour, I thought we should hear water...afterall, we were hiking to a waterfall.... and I didn't hear water at all.  We decided to turn around. It ended up that we took the wrong fork in the road. We were walking deeper into the forest.  :)

We finally made it to the waterfall after taking the right turn. It was such a beautiful hike, and we had a blast. We are DEFINITELY going to make hiking part of our fun outings. :)

Jason decided to make his own water park at the waterfall. Check this out! Funny! Funny! (Sorry it is sideways...)

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  1. So fun! Your house looks amazing! I knew I should have had you help me decorate before you left! Oh well, we will go shopping when you come home to visit. Love ya, miss you!