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Friday, July 29, 2011

Hiking Trip Number 2

We decided to head out to North Carolina again and hike the Gorge National park.  It was quite some hike.  After an hour or so of hiking, we finally got to Rainbow Falls. It was sooooo pretty. We started off on the bottom side of it. We were able to swim in the pool below it.  It took me FOR-E-VER to get into the water. I was scared to death! Jason was getting a little annoyed with me, but I have a thing for water that I can't see anything in.  Ugh! Like I said, I finally got in.  I didn't swim around like Jason did, I did a swim team freestyle sprint to the other side. Ha ha!
After we swam around a bit, we headed to the top of the falls. It was sooo pretty! We hiked some more and found a place that you could slide down some rocks like a water park slide! It is called Turtle Back Falls. To get up on the rocks, there is a rope tied to a tree. You had to climb up the rock...I tell you what, my upper body was sure sore! Any ways, we had fun doing that a couple of times.  

We hiked and hiked some more and finally arrived where the trail ended!  There we met a lady that said that if we huked up the hill we would get to the road and have only a half of a mile to walk to our car.  That seemed like a great deal at the time, so we pounced on that. After we got to the road, we walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked...after two and half miles of walking up and down paved hills we got to our car...that lady must have been mistaken. Oh well!  There has to be some sort of unplanned adventures when it comes to us. We love them!

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