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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jason

Happy Birthday, Jason! It was his 29th birthday. We had a great day. It started with cinnamon pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs...Jason's favorite. It was pretty tasty if I don't say so myself. :) We let our stomachs digest as we watched a couple episodes of 24, and then it was present time! I gave Jason a few medical books and a gift card to Academy. We headed straight there, so Jason could stock up on lures. Good times! We then decided that were were in the need to hit a few golf balls. We found a driving range on the side of the road...but guess who didn't have cash. Us! So, Jason went to ATM in the gas station and bought a scratch off to break the 20.  He won 15$!!! Can you believe it??? We had fun at the driving range.  We actually hit the ball pretty good. After that we drove to Texas Road House. It was soooo good!!Afterwards, we came home and had yellow cake and chocolate frosting. We had a great day celebrating Jason and his wonderfulness.  Happy Birthday!!

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